Remembering Rod Donald

Our March Rod Donald Trust Board meeting began in a different way than usual, with a stop at the Little River cemetery to visit the grave of Rod Donald.

With a beautiful mild evening, and an amazing view looking down the valley to the Little River Township, Trustees were able to pause and remember Rod, and reflect on his amazing contribution to both the community and politics in New Zealand.

A larger than life figure, his is remembered for his sense of social justice, his passion for the environment, desire to see equality for the oppressed, and his loyalty to family and friends.  The sight of him cycling around Christchurch, displaying his slightly wacky sense of dress, with a phone strapped to his ear so he could ride and talk at the same time, was truly one to behold!

We feel that Rod would have been proud of the work the Trust has achieved in his name and the enduring legacy of biodiversity and walking access that has been created for future generations to enjoy.