Engaging With The Trust


Satellite image of the Trust’s area of interest


The aims of the Trust are to promote sustainable management and conservation through environmental based projects focused on recreation, protection of native vegetation and species and the enhancement of biodiversity and waterways within the area of Banks Peninsula outlined. The Trust’s brief is wide and it may achieve its objectives through the maintenance and development of recreational facilities, support for areas of cultural and heritage significance, scientific research, public education, land purchase and grants.

The Trust will seek the support of other groups and agencies also involved in these areas and aims to work collaboratively with them to achieve the Trust’s objectives, and to be mindful of the potential for alignment with existing and future projects and initiatives of Christchurch City Council and the views of Banks Peninsula runanga in respect the value of Banks Peninsula’s Mana Whenua (land), Mana Moana (waterways) and Mana Tangata (people).

Further information on these aims are given in the Trust’s current Statement of Intent. Organisations interested in forming partnerships are asked to read through this documents before approaching the Trust.

The Trust welcomes enquiries from organisations with aims that align with its own. Please contact the Trust once you have determined how your group or project aligns with the Trust’s aims.