Nature based solutions to help climate change and the ecological crisis

The Rod Donald Trust supports more permanent native forest as the optimal way to sequester carbon and tackle the ecological crisis and we are working with many other stakeholders who also support this view. We are proud to convene the Banks Peninsula Native Forest Climate Change group locally – an informal inter-agency alliance seeking to improve opportunities for biodiversity and carbon sequestration through native forest restoration on Banks Peninsula. Read about our efforts to change government policy to better support native forest here. Read our latest submission to the Emissions Reduction consultation here.

We are also delighted to now participate in a new coalition pulled together by the Environmental Defence Society to advocate for the same message at a national level.

Regeneration in permanent native forest at the Purple Peak Curry Reserve and adjacent Hinewai Reserve

We’ll be submitting to the Emissions Reduction Plan consultation today and will post our submission shortly.

We support more permanent native forest to sequester carbon in an ecologically sound way, and with benefits for soil stability, biodiversity and our communities.