Conservation Minister Barry Predator Free awards

Banks Peninsula was the star of the show at a Predator Free 2050 event hosted in Christchurch by Minister for Conservation Maggie Barry and Rt. Hon. Nicky Wagner. Akaroa based Grant Ryan gave an update on progress with the Cacophony project, a technological solution to trapping with the potential to exponentially increase success.  Little River based Alison Evans was given the top award for her trap library – some more traps!  The stirling efforts of Lyttelton School to carry out trapping in Urumau Reserve was also recognised with – you guessed it – more traps!

Visit DOC’s blog to find out more about Predator Free 2050 progress one year on since the initial announcement.

Quail Island was recognised as already predator free – mice excepted

Grant Ryan updates a packed gathering on progress with the Cacophony project

DOC Predator Free ranger with Kim Kelleher from LPC and kids and teacher from Lyttelton School

Associate Conservation Minister presents Alison Evans with more traps