Youthtown overnighter to Rod Donald Hut

A youthful crew from Youthtown recently took on the challenge of an overnight walk to the Rod Donald Hut. They started from the Hilltop and walked down to Diamond Harbour the next day – that’s quite a trek.

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Coordinator Stephanie wrote: “It was an epic adventure and we had a lot of opportunities to work as a team on our way from Hilltop to the Rod Donald hut. Some of the youth were even shuttling bags up the hill, we had real champions in our team. Of a total of 10 students (with 3 staff) 4 of the students had never been tramping before and they found it very challenging but were proud of themselves for completing the trip.


The Hut was everyone’s highlight! Once we arrived some of the youth went straight to bed. But once we got the fire cranking and food cooking they soon found there energy and were playing cards, toasting marshmallows and being silly. We could be as loud as we wanted.


We are very lucky that Macpac sponsor us and we were able to borrow packs, rain jackets, boots & sleeping bags, because it allows anyone to explore without the financial worry. it is important to us that the Youth have the correct gear and Macpac gear is well designed and reliable. We simply couldn’t take them out without it.”