Photo Shoot with The Press! – Hiking up Te Ahu Pātiki

The Rod Donald Trust is making good progress on forming a three-way partnership with Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke and Orton Bradley Park. On Friday representatives from each group had a wonderful walk scaling the heights of Te Ahu Pātiki, not only examining the block, but also accompanying Press reporter Amber Allot and photographer Alden Williams  as they took some great photos and drone footage from the peaks.

Suky Thompson, Clayton Wallwork, Maureen McCloy, Cynthia Roberts, Hana Walton, Karen Banwell, Paul McNoe and Bryan Storey

Hana Walton and Clayton Wallwork were delighted to find a female totara tree just inside the block near the Orton Bradley Park boundary.

The day before also saw a group scrambling up the north eastern boundary of the property to assess the condition of the fences, and were delighted to discover a new waterfall, much more regenerating bush than expected and some exciting new views of the property. Fencing this country is a challenge, but our fencer Matt Latham from ‘Two Boys Fencing’ is experienced and more than able to tackle the job!