Luncheon honouring Simon Mortlock as he retires as Trust Chair

With more than 40 guests enjoying a luncheon at the Governors Bay Community Centre, it was a lovely way to honour Simon Mortlock as he retired from his role as chair of the Rod Donald Trust. The luncheon was held at the Governors Bay Community Association and was beautifully catered for as a fundraising effort by the Governors Bay Jetty Association, another organisation that Simon plays a key role in.

Simon’s longstanding association with the Trust was recognised by Garry Moore, the first chair of the Trust, as he shared how the organisation first came into being. Incoming chair Maureen McCloy, thanked Simon for his loyal commitment and service to the Trust, and Nicola Shirlaw, partner of the late Rod Donald, shared that she felt Rod would have been so proud of all that has been accomplished over the years.

Simon’s loyalty, commitment and wisdom will be greatly missed, but he assures us that he will still take a keen interest in the future progress of the Trust and assist in any way that he can. Thank-you Simon – we truly value your input, inspiration and the example you have been to us all.


Enjoying the chance to catch up - Simon Martin, Pam Sharpe, Cynthia Roberts, Simon Mortlock and Di Lucas