Woodills Subdivision Completed

The Trust is so delighted that our Woodills subdivision is complete at last, after working through this project since we first purchased the land in October 2016.

The land was initially purchased to secure public access to the existing Woodills South walking track in Akaroa’s Grehan Valley. The Trust had decided to purchase the land as the Woodills Family, who had allowed access over their land for many years, did not wish to commit to a long term easement.

The first step was to relocate the existing track, which had previously passed through two properties, and to realign it to go through the new block of land. A new line was designed by Paul Newport, Nick Singleton, Suky Thompson, Ad Sintenie and Steffan Kraberger, who then built the track.  The completed track is now maintained by the Christchurch City Councils Regional Parks team.

Another part of the project was to work with CCC to subdivide the land into two sections, and we are thrilled that this project is now complete. Part of the reason we felt comfortable about the purchase of the property was the knowledge that a resident of the Valley, Ad Sintenie, was keen to purchase some of the land, and when local family Stephen Horton and Erin Neufeld indicated that they would like to build a home on the upper part of the site it all seemed a logical solution – to subdivide the land to recycle some of the Trusts funds, helping offset the costs of the project.

Not only is walking access on the track now protected, with an easement in favour of the Christchurch City Council, almost all of the regenerating bush on site is protected with a Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust covenant.

This very successful project has secured long term walking access on one of Akaroa’s most popular walking tracks, as well as protected biodiversity in the area and provided a new home for local families – a steep learning curve for the Trust but in the end a win, win situation all around!