Trust makes submission to DOC planning document

Trust chairperson Garry Moore made sure the Trust’s voice was heard when he and Suky Thompson attended the submission hearings on the Department of Conservation’s new Canterbury Conservation Management Strategy late in 2013.

The Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) is a planning document, designed to provide direction to the work of the Department of Conservation in the region for the next ten years. Chair Gary Moore said that the trust had made a substantial written submission to the draft CMS, and the chance to back up that submission in person was not to be passed up.

“Our presentation highlighted that Banks Peninsula/ Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū , on the doorstep of Christchurch is the jewel of Canterbury. It has a vital role in the long term recovery of Christchurch by helping it to retain and attract a vibrant population,” he said.

“Our main thrust was that the CMS needed to give greater recognition of Banks Peninsula as a tourism and visitor destination, and that more investment was needed in order to realise its true future potential.”

The presentation also outlined the purpose and aims of the Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust, and its recent signing of an MOU with DOC to progress its ‘Spine of the Lizard’ proposal – a collaboration which could result in a crater to crater walkway that continues the vision of forefather Harry Ell.

The Department of Conservation reports that 344 submissions received have been summarised and the draft CMSs are now being revised in light of these submissions. DOC expects to present a revised draft to the Canterbury Aoraki Conservation Board by June 2014.  If the Canterbury Aoraki Conservation Board supports these changes the CMS will then be forwarded to the New Zealand Conservation Authority for approval.