Trust and DOC sign Memorandum Of Understanding

The Trust and Department of Conservation formalised their working relationship with a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at a meeting at the DOC Mahaanui office in Sockburn. The MOU identifies shared goals and is designed as a living document allowing new schedules to be added as new joint projects are agreed. Projects currently underway include Te Ara Pātaka, the conversion of an historic cottage on Quail Island into family friendly tramping accommodation, and a bold new plan to eradicate feral goats from Banks Peninsula using a new hunting methodology. In appreciation of our successes to date and these commitments, the Mahaanui Area Manager Andy Thompson presented the Trust with a beautifully framed certificate. This will soon be hung up at Rod Donald Hut, as everyone agreed this was the perfect place for it to go.

Andy Thompson presents the Trust with a certificate of recognition for its contribution to conservation and recreation on Banks Peninsula.

Trust Chair, Simon Mortlock, happily waits his turn while Trustee Cynthia Roberts signs one copy of the MOU and Andy Thompson, DOC Mahaanui Area Manager, signs the other. Trustee Chrissie Williams acts as witness.