Te Ahu Pātiki

Te Ahu Pātiki is 500ha of iconic land including the summits of Mt Herbert/ Te Ahu Pātiki and Mt Bradley, the two highest points in the Christchurch/Ōtautahi district.

Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust is proud to announce an agreement with the landowner to purchase this substantial block and bring it into public ownership.

The Trust has committed to fund half the purchase price, neighbouring Orton Bradley Park have pledged a substantial contribution and we are  fundraising the balance of $600,000 to complete the purchase and set up the park. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far – we have raised over half of our target now.

We seek your support to realise our vision for this land to become a conservation park protecting and restoring native biodiversity, with full permanent public access.  Become a foundation sponsor or donor by DONATING NOW.

Click here to contact Trust Manager Suky Thompson  if you wish to become a major sponsor.

With your support Te Ahu Pātiki will achieve:

  • a highly visible landscape transforming to native forest,
  • a biodiversity hotspot completing a 1700ha network of continuous protection,
  • a stunning recreational asset for walking, biking and climbing,
  • a protected catchment from summit to sea – ki uta ki tai
  • secure public  access on the Te Ara Pātaka/Summit Walkway linking Christchurch to Akaroa

The land is to be protected in perpetuity with a conservation covenant and managed to facilitate natural regeneration of native forest. Income from the carbon sequestered in this forest will fund the management in time to come. You will be able to watch this highly visible landscape transform from mainly gorse to native forest over the years, a process assisted by the withdrawal of grazing animals from the land and the extensive seed sources already on the block in both old growth and already regenerating areas.

Our four suggested donation levels reflect the natural regeneration process:

  • Little Pekapeka daisies will flourish in the rocky areas
  • Delicate Kātote ferns will shade the streams
  • Strong Tī Kōuka will punch through and overpower the gorse
  • Mighty Tōtara will return one day to stand for centuries

Protecting this land in conjunction with securing public access helps realise the 100 year-old vision of the early conservationist Christchurch MP Harry Ell and the modern vision of Whaka-Ora – the Lyttelton/Whakaraupō catchment management plan.

View a location map to see where Te Ahu Patiki is.

View our visual journey – beautiful images of Te Ahu Pātiki.

Watch our video explaining this project and its relation to the Trust and to Te Ara Pātaka.

Download the Te Ahu Patiki project leaflet.

Read our  more detailed Te Ahu Pātiki project prospectus.

View the TV 1 News interview HERE



Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke have mana whenua over this area and are supporting the project.

We are delighted to announce neighbouring Orton Bradley Park as a major project partner pledging a substantial contribution toward the purchase of Te Ahu Pátiki, and offering to manage and eventually own the land.

Orton Bradley Park occupies 600ha immediately below Te Ahu Pátiki. It operates a model farm park with walking tracks, camping areas and an outdoor education centre, acting as a natural gateway to Te Ahu Pátiki above.

Above  – Mt Bradley towers over the Orton Bradley Park Outdoor Education and Camping Centre.

Harry Ell Memorial Summit Road Trust is our initial donor.

Christchurch Foundation are providing our fundraising platform.

Read letters of support  from many other agencies and community organisations here.

Achievements to Date

March 2021 – Many thanks to The Press/StuffBay Harbour News (p19)  and Nicola Toki on Radio NZ for featuring our story. We have now raised $382,000 with more donations coming in thanks to this publicity.

February 2021 – We are half way through our fundraising campaign and have raised $350,000 -so over our half way mark!

October 2020 – Public launch of Te Ahu Pātiki project and fundraising campaign at Eruption Bar on October 29.

October 2020 – We sign a Sale and Purchase agreement ensuring the land will transfer into our ownership on 1 July 2021.

Picture below: Loudon Farm owners Philip King and Sarah-Lovell Smith with Rod Donald Trustees Maureen McCloy and Cynthia Roberts signing the documents.

April 2020 – During lockdown we reach agreement in principle on a Zoom meeting with Philip King and Sarah Lovell-Smith, landowners of Loudon Farm that we have a shared aim to create a conservation park on the upper 500ha

November 2016 – Te Ara Pātaka formally opens. Over 100 people climbed Mt Herbert/Te Ahu Pātiki for the event opened by Philip King.

December 2014 – We first met with Philip King and Sarah Lovell-Smith to discuss securing long term public access on important walking tracks that crossed their private land. We acknowledged their generosity in allowing the public to walk across their land for many years on the Summit Walkway (now known as Te Ara Pātaka) and on tracks connecting up from Orton Bradley Park.