Plant life on Banks Peninsula

Hugh Wilson’s definitive reference book “Plant Life on Banks Peninsula” was launched in October 2013. Pre-publication book sales were so successful that the book’s launch ceremony had to be moved from Little River Gallery to the Rugby club down the road to cater for all the attendees.

While all credit for this magnificent book must go to Hugh and his publisher Manuka Press, the Trust was delighted to play a small part in assisting the publication through loan funding. The book presented the Trust with an ideal opportunity to spread knowledge about the biodiversity of Banks Peninsula to a large audience and to remove a roadblock for Hugh so that he could dedicate his valuable time to Hinewai and other work to facilitate the regeneration of Peninsula vegetation and wildlife.

The Trust is equally delighted that the rapid sales of the book mean the loan is being repaid in record time making the funds available to be recycled into the next worthy project. In the meantime, Hugh reports that
the book is almost sold out, so a second edition may be on the way.

Hugh Wilson’s botanical guidance and his experience as the manager of the very successful Hinewai Reserve had been both innovative and inspirational to others across all the organisations working toward the sustainable management and conservation of Banks Peninsula.

After a lightning strike had sparked a major fire through part of the upper regenerating area of the Hinewai reserve the Trust contacted Hugh to offer its assistance.  Sponsorship of the book through loan funding emerged as the optimal way to both assist and further the Trust’s Knowledge pillar. The book covers all the native and most exotic plants found on Banks Peninsula, complete with colour illustrations.

Hugh Wilson signs copies for the Burleigh's at the launch of his book

Hugh Wilson signs copies for the Burleighs at the launch of his book

You can order for $90 (freight free) via:

(Left) Hugh Wilson at Hinewai reserve

The final published look of Hugh Wilson’s definitive reference book to the plant life of Banks Peninsula.