Joseph Langer Trust Panama Reserve

The Trust has worked in conjunction with partner organisation Josef Langer Trust to secure 107 hectares at Le Bons Bay to be incorporated into the Langer Trust’s Panama Reserve – see the news section. The reserve is owned by the Langer Trust and managed by Robin Burleigh.

“It’s amazing how this reserve has grown”, says the reserve’s manager, Robin Burleigh. “It was only 5 years ago that the first block with Panama Rock was purchased by the Langer Trust, and then 2 years ago we secured what we call the Stones block. Now with the help of the Rod Donald Trust the reserve has nearly doubled in size again.”

The two Trusts have now almost completed work on covenanting the reserve with the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust and developing walking tracks and small camping sites.

Robin Burleigh’s aptly named “Grunts and Dykes” walk has been popular at the annual Banks Peninsula Walking Festival. Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trustee Debbie Tikao is helping research the original Māori name for Panama rock.

(Left) Looking across to Panama Reserve from Dawbers Road, Le Bons Bay

The Akaroa Harbour and Bay Walks brochure shows the walk on the Panama Reserve in Le Bons Bay

Robin Burleigh with Bob Webster and Carole Jensen walking on the existing Langer reserve with good views over to the new addition behind

Looking across the newly purchased land towards Panama Rock

The Panama Stream Family Camp was opened in conjunction with the 2018 Banks Peninsula Walking Festival. To book this back-to-nature campground phone Robin Burleigh on 03 304 8526