Walking Strategy

A goal of the Trust since its inception has been to facilitate recreational walking on Banks Peninsula and associated affordable camping. The vision is to connect and support the communities of Banks Peninsula and to provide a recreational resource that encourages understanding and support for the environment.

The Trust has developed a draft walking and cycling strategy in 2015 to guide its decision making. In doing so it is seeking to work with community groups, landowners and government agencies to support and improve the existing network of walkways and cycle trails  and then develop new routes in support of the Christchurch City Council’s Public Open Space Strategy.

Little River Rail Trail Website

(Left) Cover of the Walking and Cycling Stradegy

“Climbing Mt. Sinclair on a perfect day ”

View of Lyttelton harbor and Pegasus Bay from Monument Track

Little River Rail Trail - crossing Kaituna lagoon in the mist

The Rail Trail on a clear day