New Zealand Mountain Safety Council Website

For the more ambitious of you who may be planning an alpine tramping adventure this winter the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council have a most informative WEBSITE featuring lots of tips and advice.    

They have also produced a New Zealand hiking and tramping video series featuring many of New Zealand’s National Parks and the tracks and huts within them can take trampers into alpine areas. Click HERE to view.

Below are a few tips they have put together to help plan a safe winter adventure:

  1. Factor in fewer daylight hours while planning your walking times.
  2. Layer clothing to keep you from getting too sweaty or cold.
  3. Charge your head torch before you leave home or pack spare batteries (they can drain quickly in the cold).
  4. A double-walled drink bottle can double as a hot water bottle. Fill it with hot water, wrap it in a t-shirt, and hop in your sleeping bag.
  5. Pack a closed-cell foam pad to sit on during breaks and prevent heat loss.
  6. Carry extra fuel – hot liquids go a long way towards happiness.
  7. Always restock hut firewood for the next party.