New entrance to Montgomery Reserve

The Trust was delighted that the Hilltop Tavern owner and lessee agreed with us that it would be much better if Te Ara Pataka started and ended at the tavern, rather than at Montgomery Reserve squashed alongside the Summit Road. Walkers are now able to park at the Tavern (upper area of carpark please) and make a pleasant walk across the paddock behind to reach Montgomery Reserve.

We’d like to thank neighbouring landowner Mark Shadbolt for allowing a section of the track to cross his paddock too, enabling walkers to emerge onto the Summit Road at a spot where Christchurch City Council traffic engineers felt it was safe.

Our capital contractor Steffan Kraberger from Wood Ltd did some swift re-organisation of the Montgomery Reserve entrance building new steps across the road and a lovely new start to the track in the reserve.

Bob Webster (Trustee) at the start of the new track by Hilltop Tabern