MOU with Living Springs

The Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust was delighted to visit Living Springs and witness first-hand the discipline, dedication and delight their 60 LSV volunteers from Burnham Army Camp demonstrated as they got stuck into to planting 7000 native plants on a steep, slippery hillside formerly covered by a pine forest. Several of our Trustees visited to sign an MOU with Living Springs setting out a partnership going forward based around our common interests in restoring biodiversity and sharing the stunning environment of Banks Peninsula with young people and other Christchurch residents to appreciate that biodiversity. Under our new partnership, the Trust has helped to fund this revegetation project and we’ll jointly investigate the potential for routing a section of the Head to Head walkway across the lower part of the property making the connection between Allandale and Teddington possible.

LSV Volunteers from Burnham on the slippery slopes planting natives

Living Springs CEO Denis Williams, Rod Donald Trustee Chrissie Williams

LSV volunteer team

Rod Donald Trustees celebrate the special occasion with Living Springs staff and Trustee John Down