Montgomery Reserve Extends

The Trust is delighted to announce that Department of Conservation’s Montgomery Park Scenic Reserve along the Te Ara Pātaka track near Hilltop has been extended to include an additional 7.5 ha. This secures public access for Te Ara Pātaka on what was formerly private land. The addition includes the northern flank of Montgomery Peak and stunning Rocky Peak.  There is a lovely totara forest remnant on the new reserve and Te Ara Pātaka has been re-routed to traverse through it.  The Trust would like to thank former owners Sam and Charlotte Manson for working with the Trust to make this transition possible and Geoff Holgate, from Walking Access Commission, for assisting with negotiations.

Trustee Cynthia Roberts admires the giant trees alongside the new track section

View over Akaroa Harbour from Rocky Peak

Trustee Bob Webster led the negotiating team

Excerpt from the Te Ara Pataka brochure map showing the approximate location of the new addition to Montgomery Reserve outlined in black