Exciting New Adventure on Misty Peaks

A big shout-out to CCC Rangers Nick Singleton and John Fitch for creating a spectacular new tramp on Misty Peaks – and letting us know about it!

At last you can hike from Akaroa Village to the Misty Peaks skyline on a new spectacular poled route they have created.  Be prepared for a slog and some scrambling – and we definitely recommend you do this walk up hill – not down – as slopes are steep and the track though well marked is unformed. And take your poles!

The new track starts at the Newton’s Waterfall walk at the end of Aylmer’s Valley Road. Its well worth visiting the waterfall itself on your way up – a 1 minute diversion – before you start the steep climb marked Misty Peaks!

“It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to get from the end of Aylmer’s Valley Road to the pine block at the top”, says Suky Thompson Trust Manager, “and I’m a pretty slow walker – but then it was also a cool and cloudy day which makes things easier”.  From there its another 30 minute walk to the car park at the top of Stony Bay Road –where walkers can continue along the skyline tracks to descend back to Akaroa on either Purple Peak Track or through Purple Peak Curry Reserve.  “If you do decide to continue on, a trip up Stony Bay Peak is well worth it,” says Suky, “but be warned the track coming down the northern side of the Peak is somewhat overgrown and slippery – so take poles and avoid this on a wet or misty day”.

Your whole adventure will take most of the day – so be prepared and take plenty of water, lunch and snacks and a wind and waterproof jacket as the skyline is very exposed and weather can change quickly. Maps and brochures are available at Peninsula Information Centres, and we will soon be updating our “Akaroa Country Walks” brochure with the new track route.

In the meantime – the map shows this new route as a white dotted line. Remember – its steep and best tackled going up hill!