Diamond Harbour Community Association AGM

Garry Moore introduced the Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust to the Diamond Harbour community at their association AGM with a talk entitled  “Embracing Banks Peninsula Communities”.  He described the founding of the Trust, its four strategic pillars of Access, Knowledge, Partnership and Biodiversity, and how the work and legacy of four inspirational figures in Banks Peninsula’s past, Waitaha chief Rakaihautu, conservationist Harry Ell, youth and health advocate Cora Wilding and Green politician Rod Donald inspired the work of the Trust.  The talk was followed by a lively discussion on the merits of developing a sustainable village community to revitalise Diamond Harbour using the currently vacant Council land holding, with Garry arguing that the community should take the lead and get the development that they would want rather than a typical subdivision. Diamond Harbour community members also described their efforts to ensure that a sympathetic and appropriate development is done on the Godley House site and to keep interest alive with activities such as the Sculpture on the Point exhibition. 18/3/2013