Diamond Harbour brochure underway

Last year Lyttelton Information Centre invited the Trust to produce walking brochures describing the many walks in the Lyttelton harbour basin, and we agreed to work on three brochures describing Lyttelton, Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour. The Lyttelton brochure launched last winter, and its success meant the Diamond Harbour Community Association were keen to get their brochure underway. Trust Manager Suky Thompson has had a fun month in July exploring a series of loop routes around Diamond Harbour with local guides from the Community Association. “Diamond Harbour is such a warm and sunny place for winter walking,” says Suky, “and I’ve been blown away by the community spirit and the voluntary efforts that have created so many wonderful tracks”. The Trust intends to have the brochure complete by November and to launch it as part of the Banks Peninsula Walking Festival.

Sandy Steentjes along the cliff track to Church Bay

Track builder extraordinaire Pete Ozich  admires how quickly native plantings along the track out-top gorse

Dennis Clough about to go off piste on The Plummet

Diamond Harbour Community Association Chair Richard Suggate exploring Purau loops