Could Banks Peninsula be New Zealand’s first GeoPark?

Over the last six months a working group has been assessing the development of a GeoPark on Banks Peninsula. A GeoPark is a UNESCO initiative to integrate the concept of protection, education, and sustainable development, and provide areas for the study and preservation of natural sciences.

The aim of the group is to promote the awareness of sites of significance in Horomaka / Banks Peninsula, as icons of national and international significance. Stimulate and assist, in the continued diverse scientific studies in the region and communicate this knowledge. Educate, promote and relate the history of the region, and recognise its significance in New Zealand. Unify Banks Peninsula’s communities, providing a framework for community initiatives, the development of employment opportunities, and sustainability.

The Trust has commended the idea as well worth progressing and asked for the group’s co-coordinator, Sue Lovett, to keep it informed of progress.  The Horomaka GeoPark team can be contacted at

Poranui Beach at Birdlings Flat

Poranui Beach at Birdlings Flat