Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust Celebrates 20 years!

An enthusiastic crowd turned out to celebrate the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust’s 20th birthday – enjoying a picnic and great company on a lovely fine day at Orton Bradley Park, and to welcome its new Chairperson – Penny Carnaby.

The Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust (BPCT) was born out of the controversy surrounding the release of the draft District Plan back in the mid 1990s. A task force of local landowners and environmentalists set up by the Council recommended the formation of an independent trust to encourage landowners to actively manage and conserve the landscapes and natural resources of Banks Peninsula. BPCT became a Covenanting authority under the Reserves Act in 2003, one of NZ’s only two covenanting authorities. A passionate and committed team of landowners, Trustees and dedicated staff has seen the Trust go from strength to strength. Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust now supports many landowners with covenants on over 1500ha of Banks Peninsula and is taking a leadership role in coordinating biodiversity efforts through the Banks Peninsula Ecological Vision and Pest Free Banks Peninsula and linking many landowners together to take combined pride in what has been achieved.

The 20th birthday event provided a great opportunity to celebrate these achievements, take stock of the progress made to date with the Banks Peninsula Ecological Vision and the various projects in progress to further it along. 

Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust is a signatory to the Ecological Vision and supports BPCT with a funding grant, currently for the its volunteer coordinator position.