Native Forest Climate Change

The Trust  has been interested in the relationship between carbon sequestration and native forest regeneration, and whether income from carbon credits would be sufficient to encourage landowners to change their land management on marginal land from grazing to regeneration.

We’ve been digging into this complex topic, and collated our research and understanding to date into a report entitled  “Facilitating Biodiversity Enhancement using Income from Carbon Credits”. The report covers the legislative framework that has lead to the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme, Registering Forests under the ETS, the complexities around registering native regenerating areas and the Billion Trees grants.  We’ve attempted to model income scenarios and to see how income could assist farmers and trusts such as Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust.

The report is constantly evolving as we learn more and we are grateful for the professional assistance we have received in developing it and in reviewing it and building our knowledge.

The Trust is also pleased to be convening a multi-agency group working on this topic and look forward to meeting with MPI to discuss how we can overcome some of the barriers to registering native regenerating areas and unleash the huge potential for Banks Peninsula to act as a major carbon sink for Christchurch.

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